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i69 Bridgelink Petition


TO: Respected Leaders of Kentucky and Indiana

The undersigned hereby petition to commence the necessary studies including an Environmental Impact Statement at the earliest possible date and timely construction of a new I 69 Bridge over the Ohio River, between Evansville and Henderson. Completion of this bridge, the last major segment between Canada and Memphis, is critical to improving transportation efficiency and increasing the economic competitiveness of the region.

Bridgelink, an advocacy group of Southwestern Indiana and Northwestern Kentucky community leaders, knowledgeable professionals and elected officials has proposed a plan for a new state of the art tolled bridge located to the east of Evansville and Henderson connecting I 69 (I 164) in Indiana with I 69 (Pennyrile Parkway) in Kentucky. The existing “Twin Bridges” will remain in service, free for cars and with limitations on use by trucks and heavy vehicles.

This plan will achieve significant cost savings and accomplish all of the benefits of previous proposals (safety, convenience and economic growth) that are critical to the future of Southwest Indiana and Western Kentucky.


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