Cable bridge in the evening.

About BridgeLink

<strong>About BridgeLink</strong>

Our mission is to advocate for the construction of a new Interstate 69 Ohio River Bridge by no later than 2020 and the preservation of an un-tolled route across the river for local residents.

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The Economic Need

<strong>The Economic Need</strong>

Currently the only feasible way to cross into Kentucky from Evansville is the Twin Bridges, which are closing in on their lifespan. Our goal is to provide new opportunities for people to travel, spur local economic growth, and increase job creation by advocating for the construction of the I-69 Bridge.

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Latest News

<strong>Latest News</strong>

Learn about our recent progress on the BridgeLink project through our blog. We will be regularly updating this page as we move forward, so be sure to check back frequently.

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