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HB 1036 heads to Governor’s Desk

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The Indiana Senate passed a key piece of legislation that will allow transportation officials to decide the best route for I-69 into Indianapolis. HB 1036, authored by Rep. John Price (HD 47) and Sen. Rod Bray (SD 37), passed with a vote of 31-19. The bill will now move to Governor Mike Pence’s desk.

HB 1036 removed language from Indiana’s Major Moves legislation that required legislative approval for use of the Indiana-37 corridor. Currently, I-69 is running up the I-37 corridor from Bloomington, IN to Martinsville, IN.

Key partners, including BridgeLink, Hoosier Voices for I-69, the Southwest Indiana Chamber, the Indiana Chamber, and various local Chambers up and down the I-69 corridor, advocated for his piece of legislation.

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is currently working on the development of Section 6, the final leg of I-69 from Evansville to Indianapolis. HB 1036 will allow transportation officials to make the best economic and environmental choice in where to route this final leg of I-69 into Indianapolis.

I-69 Bill moving in Indiana General Assembly

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The Indiana State Senate Homeland Security and Transportation Committee will hear HB 1036 on Tuesday, April 7th. The bill would remove language preventing I-69 from being built through Perry Township, outside of Indianapolis. The bill impacts the final leg of I-69 connecting the new route from Evansville into Indianapolis. The bill passed the Indiana House of Representatives 83-11 in February.

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