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Our Process for this Conceptual Cost Estimate

Utilize previous studies to check our estimating accuracy and then explore cost savings opportunities.

The previous studies utilized were:

  • Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Feb 2004 (DEIS)
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Conceptual Financing Plan
  • URS/Citi, May 2008 (KYTC Conceptual Financing Plan )
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet SIU #4 Feasibility Study, Qk4, Feb 2014 (KYTC Qk4 Study)


Task 1 – Check our Estimating Process

Using the 2008 KTC Conceptual Financing Plan Cost Estimate assumptions and the specifications from 2004 DEIS Alignment 2, do our own estimate to compare our estimating with that of the 2008.

2004 DEIS and 2008 Estimate included the following:

  • 6 Lane, 130ft wide Main Bridge
  • 9.2 miles of Roadway Length
  • 5 Interchanges
  • 25% Contingency


Comparing the 2008 KYTC Conceptual Cost Estimate with our Estimating Using the 2004 DEIS Alignment 2 Specifications

Chart #1

Task 2 – Explore Potential Cost Savings

  • Reduced main bridge width
  • Utilize shorter alignment
  • Re-evaluated interchange costs
  • Reduced contingency percentage
  • Reduced design fee percentage

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2008 Estimate Main Bridge Section

Pic #1


 I-70 St. Louis Mississippi River Main Bridge

Pic #2


Potential Width Reduction Savings

  • Reduce to 2 lanes each direction
  • Same as connecting highways and on-grade approaches
  • Reduce shoulder width to the same as I-70 St. Louis

Shorter Alignment – Qk4 Study Alternate 1a

  • Proposed in SIU #4 Feasibility Study by Qk4 (Alternative 1a)
  • Improves accessibility to Henderson businesses on US 41
  • Roadway length reduction ‐ 9.2 to 6.2 miles
  • Interchange reduction ‐ 5 to 3 each

PIc #3



Shorter Alignment Savings (2019)

Pic #4B



I-70 St. Louis Deck Width

PIc #5A

Pic #5B

Potential Cost Savings

Pic #6



Total Estimate Summary with Savings

Pic #7

PIc #8



Using the Design Specifications of the I-70 St. Louis Bridge at the Mississippi River and the KYTC 2014 Qk4 Study route alternate 1a, the total cost for I-69 Bridge from Evansville to Henderson with the connectors to I-164 and the Pennyrile Parkway can be completed for around $850 million and not the $1.4 Billion. The I-69 Evansville to Henderson project’s actual costs may differ from those projected in this Conceptual Cost Estimate. No guarantee is presented or implied as to the accuracy of specific figures contained herein. Rather, this Conceptual Cost Estimate is an order-of-magnitude approximation provided to set forth potential cost-saving ideas to assist in comparing alternatives.


Timeline to Build the I-69 Bridge


2014:             KY Transportation Cabinet location study completed

2015:             Environmental Impact study funded

2017:             Environmental Impact Study completed

2018:             Design process begins (to be complete 2021)

2019:             Land acquisition begins

2021:             Construction begins

2024:             Construction complete (assuming 3-yrs)

(If any of these steps go beyond the timeframe, the subsequent steps will be pushed back accordingly)

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