The Need

Benefits of I-69

With our river, air, rail, and highway links, this region was recently named one of the highest volume urban shipping hubs in America. Currently, the twin bridges in Henderson mark the only feasible way to cross into Kentucky from Evansville. This vital link sees heavy traffic daily from local commuters, businesses, and interstate commerce.

These bridges are closing in on their lifespan cycles (the Northbound Bridge was completed in 1932 and the Southbound Bridge was opened in 1966), the odds of trouble with the bridges becomes more and more likely.  In addition, neither is built to modern earthquake standards.

Paducah and St. Louis are part of an earthquake prone region. Until we can move truck traffic off the twin bridges, neither state will see the economic development potential brought on by the completion of the road portion of I-69.

Having another connection between these states will provide new opportunities for people to travel, spurring economic growth and job creation.

A new bridge project of this scope takes years to complete. If this project is funded, construction can begin as early as 2021.

BridgeLink will encourage the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s swift work to advance the studies necessary to gain federal support to move forward.


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